Liturgy & Parish Life




Advent is a period starting four Sundays before Christmas, preparing us to receive Jesus Christ. The Liturgical color of advent is violet, which is used to signify a time of prayer, penance, and sacrifice as we prepare to receive Jesus. The Church also utilizes an advent wreath with 4 candles, each candle is lit on different each week leading to Christmas ( Hope, Faith, Joy, Peace)




Christmas is celebrated on Dec 25th for the birth of Jesus. The Catholic Church celebrates the season of Christmas over a span of days beginning on December 25 and end up to and including the Sunday after Epiphany, known as the Feast of the Baptism of Christ. The Liturgical Color for Christmas is white, the color of peace and purity.




During Lent, we are asked to devote ourselves to seeking the Lord in prayer and reading Scripture, to service by giving alms, and to sacrifice self-control through fasting. In Lent, the baptized are called to renew their baptismal commitment as others prepare to be baptized through the Rite of Christian Initiation. Lent is a favorable season for opening the doors to all those in need and recognizing in them the face of Christ.”– Pope Francis




Easter is the celebration of the Lord’s resurrection from the dead, culminating in his Ascension to the Father and sending of the Holy Spirit upon the Church. There are 50 days of Easter from the first Sunday to Pentecost. It is characterized by the joy of glorified life and the victory over death.


Ordinary Time

Ordinary Time is a time for growth and maturation, a time in which takes us through the life of Christ. This is the time of conversion. This is living the life of Christ. The Liturgical color is green as a sign of hope and life.