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Registration Begins:
August 2024

Registration fee: $30
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Zoom Class Structure:
For those who have been away from the church, we ask that you attend our OCIA (formerly RCIA) to audit the classes the 1st and 3rd Sunday's of the month at 11:30am in the Roseroom.

The classes are structured to allow you to bring your current lived experience to class, so we may then accompany and provide you with a deeper understanding of scripture, prayer, Catholic social teaching, liturgy, and more.

Course Material:
Sent Forth in the Spirit
Leonine Publishers


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When we are confirmed, a bishop lays their hands on us and prays for us to receive the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit helps us grow in our relationship with God and gives us special gifts and strengthens us to live as disciples of Jesus. Confirmation also helps us discover our unique identity as part of God's family. We choose a sponsor who supports and accompanies us on our faith journey to helps us grow in our faith. Through Confirmation, we are reminded that we are loved by God and have a special role in the world. We also learn about the unique cross we carry as Christians, which represents challenges or difficulties we may face. It's like a reminder that even when things get tough, God is with us and gives us the strength to overcome obstacles. Just like Jesus carried a cross, we may have our own crosses to bear, but we can trust that God will help us through it all. Confirmation is an exciting step in our faith where we become closer to God knowing that God is always there to guide and support us.