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Baptisms of infants and young children. Parents and godparents need to take a brief class to prepare themselves for the baptism of the child, either here at St. John (third Saturday of the month at11:00 a.m.) or at their home parish. To register for the class and schedule a baptism please call the parish office or email us at office@sjesandiego.org.

Parents Requesting Baptism

Parents who are requesting the sacrament of baptism are asked to complete the following before selecting a Baptismal date:

  • Parents should meet with Lety, lety@sjesandiego.org to complete the required forms.
  • Bring the original birth certificate of the child
  • Parents and Godparents must attend a pre-baptismal class.
  • Bring a copy of the Godparents sacramental certificate.


Godparents are a very important part of this sacrament, they are responsible for helping parents educate their children in the Catholic faith. Therefore, the Catholic church requires that the godparents:

  • Maximum of two Sponsors
  • Practicing Catholics
  • Be over 16 years old
  • Have received the sacraments of baptism, communion and confirmation.
  • Be married by the Catholic Church if married & not be living in free union.
  • Attend a pre-baptismal class